Scientia pro publica is a blog carnival dedicated to bringing together in one place links to the best of science blogging that would be of general interest. The new Scientia pro publica is up over at Greg Laden’s Blog and yours truly has an article featured. Go check out some of the other articles and see what you like.

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Sophie, an author from the old Science. Why not?, has a shiny new wordpress blog as well. She calls it A Wonderful Day for Anthropology. Here is a little from the About page:

‘Originally interested in Psychology and Sociology, I finally found my calling in the holistic field of Anthropology.  Although I haven’t declared a concentration, I anticipate this blog will be a helpful resource. I hope to explore Archaeological, Biological, Cultural, and Linguistic Anthropology to the fullest extent and learn from others who share my passion for the field.’

You can find her first post here. Read it, leave comments, and enjoy. I know I will.

-Bryan Perkins